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Things here are going well!
  1. As many of you have heard on other social media platforms, I'm pregnant! 12 weeks along (due in early November). The queasiness has been manageable (hooray for ginger ale and crackers); the fatigue has not.
  2. Three of my cousins are pregnant right now, too, with due dates in June, August, and September. The family reunion in 2013 is going to be so much fun.
  3. We are going to find out the sex, if only to make it easier to explain to S. But neither E nor I has a preference, and I was kind of delighted that E said it was "trivial". The values we want to instill in our kids are independent of gender. (Also, we are both of the opinion that birth order factors into personality more than gender does.)
  4. I started reading the Norse mythology in Bulfinch's, as preparation for our trip to Norway. My brother had warned me that it was depressing. I'm not sure I'd call it depressing, just . . . does Thor do anything other than go around and bash giants on the head with his hammer? Eh, I'll read some more on the next rainy night.
  5. On a political note, I am delighted that a ballot initiative to overturn the death penalty in California has made it onto the November 2012 ballot. (As California enacted the death penalty by ballot initiative, it can only be overturned by ballot initiative.) But I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed if it fails. Sigh.
  6. And back on a happier note, S remains hilarious and delightful. His current obsession is "yardwork", which he defines as hitting plants with a stick. And when he pretends that we're all in a car, he insists that we all put our seatbelts on. Aw!

Hope you're all having a great week!
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Well before I had kids, I used to joke that I'd want to take maternity leave when the kids were, say 6-12 months old, or 12-18 months old. They're just much more fun at that age!

I finally got a job, after a long time looking, applying and interviewing for a range of positions. I start on April 11. Sam will be 18 months old on April 16.

(All I'm saying about it publicly is that it's not an academic position.)
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I am delighted to announce that Samuel Harris R was born on Friday, October 16, at 10:06 p.m. 7 lb, 1 oz; 20 inches long; 41 weeks 5 days gestation; 100% adorable. We're all home and settling in just fine. Gory details to come later, but the whole labor process was kind of awesome.

Pictures below the cut )
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January, 1979. My mother finds out she's pregnant (with me!) right before the Super Bowl. Although she's annoyed* that she can't drink at the party, she is delighted at the Steelers' exciting victory over the Cowboys.

* * *

January, 2009. I find out I'm pregnant right before the Super Bowl. Although I cannot drink at the party, I am delighted by the Steelers' exciting victory over the Cardinals.

* * *

And, of course, excited and gleeful about this pregnancy! Everything so far looks healthy, I haven't had morning sickness (hooray!), and I'm due sometimes between Sept. 29 and Oct. 4, depending on which ultrasound you believe.

Anyway. Uh. So that's what I've been up to -- writing my thesis and gestating another human being.

* Seriously, anytime Super Bowl XIII comes up, my mother always says to me, "I had just found out I was pregnant with you and was annoyed that I couldn't drink!" It's the standard refrain. So instead of flat-out telling her I was pregnant, I tried to elicit this line from her, first. Unfortunately, I underestimated her capacity for Steelers trivia, so we went round in circles talking about the Rams and the Cowboys (while the eeee! looked on in exasperation) before she finally said it. I replied, "So then you should be sympathetic to the fact that I won't be drinking for this game!" She gasped, "Are you pregnant?" "YES!" Okay, you maybe had to be there.


Jan. 30th, 2009 03:00 pm
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I can't believe it's the end of January, but I am looking forward to this weekend!

Tonight: FREE CHIMICHANGAS at happy hour! That's why the beer is so expensive. Mmmm, chimichangas.

Tomorrow: The farmer's market, THE BEACH, and Michigan-Notre Dame hockey on TV! (EDIT: And a Chinese New Year celebration! Whee! Yeah, I know it's late for that.)

Sunday: Working, and watching the Steelers in the Super Bowl! Woo-hoo!


And that's about it here. Work is okay, we're all okay . . . that's about it.
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We had an excellent, excellent day today! Somehow, we'd never been to the L.A. County Museum of Art (or, NAMBLA LACMA). We got there ten minutes before it opened, and so wandered over to see one of the La Brea Tar Pits tar pits! It was all bubbly and everything! The eight-year-old inside me was very excited about that.

Our main intention at the museum was the contemporary wing, but it turns out there was also an exhibit of portraits from Vanity Fair. That was an incredible collection -- my two favorites were of Greta Garbo, by Edward Steichen, and of Adele and Fred Astaire, by James Abbe. I'm really just fascinated by what's happening in that latter one.

Outside of the photography, I really loved Getty Tomb, by Frank Stella. And wandering through Richard Serra installations always makes me happy. (The eeee! was more excited about the Jeff Koons stuff, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would.)

We also saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was very good, but more violent and depressing than I expected. Then we finished it off with dinner with the eeee!'s parents and sister. Hooray for a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!
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I am quite delighted that my two beloved football teams -- Michigan and the Steelers -- both had come-from-behind victories this weekend!

We caught the end of the Steeler game at a bar, and near the end of regulation I was moaning about overtime, because I hate the NFL overtime system. A guy we'd been chatting with asked me what I thought about the college system, and I said that I liked it, but thought they should start at the 35-yard-line, instead of the 25. I could tell he was testing me, to see if I knew anything, and he seemed pretty surprised to find himself agreeing with me. (A few minutes later, him and a few others were really surprised to find out that I knew how many timeouts each time got at the beginning of OT. I was like, "Yeah, I've watched JUST A LITTLE BIT of football in my time.")

We missed the first half because we went to Rosh Hashanah services tonight. I'd never been, and I thought it was nice. Any sort of starting anew sounds good, right about now.

And finally, we watched Airplane! and Zero Hour! the other night, and I marveled at how the clothes in Airplane! look less ridiculous than the clothes in an old episode of 90210. I'm not sure if that says something about the cyclical nature of fashion, the difference between trendy clothes and basic clothes, or about my personal preferences. But there you have it.

And and, I'm over my cold! Lemon-ginger tea will cure anything, I think.
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Today is our second wedding anniversary. Wheee!

I would have something insightful to say, but I'm copping out again. This time it's because today has been completely insane for both of us, for work reasons. And we have a flight at 6 a.m. tomorrow, meaning we have to get up at some ungodly hour whose name I will not speak. (At least I'm all packed! The eeee! is not.) (But it's worth it, because we're traveling for [livejournal.com profile] vja2's wedding, hooray!)

Anyway. In lieu of anything insightful, I will share this talk by Joss Whedon:

Because I cannot explain how awesome the eeee! is. But when Joss Whedon talks about his father and step-father, he could be talking about the eeee! right there.
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We finally watched the Futurama movie tonight (Bender Gets Bent), and it was on massive, massive amounts of crack. There were some cute references to previous episodes, and Al Gore was awesome, as always, but other than that, eh.

(And when I say "massive, massive amounts of crack", I mean, "Suddenly, last night's 30 Rock makes perfect sense." And speaking of last night's 30 Rock, at the end of the episode, the eeee! turned to me and asked if "Midnight Train to Georgia" was a real song. I was speechless. This is an issue that couples should address before getting married, I think -- where do you want to live, do you want kids, have you heard of Gladys Knight.)

Other than Eli's complete and utter disinterest in all things Motown, things here are going quite well. I have found Indian food in Isla Vista that is . . . well, it's barely passable, but it's cheap. I bought some clothes, so that I don't have to start repeating shirts on the fourth day of class. We went out for drinks with a bunch of ecology people we know in town (and there was a roughly even gender ratio, oh my god), and we have all sorts of other fun things planned for the weekend. Best of all, tomorrow's Michigan hockey game will be on actual, live TV. Hooray! Go Blue!
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I'm in Santa Barbara, and so far we've had a lovely weekend! Yesterday we rode our bikes down to the farmers' market to buy produce, took Doc to the beach where he fetched in the ocean, and had some friends over for a cookout. It was a delightful, delightful day.

Today we were thinking of hiking, but I'm coming down with a cold so who knows. We might also swing by the neighborhood bar to watch the Pats-Cowboys game.

The long-distance thing is sort of strange, and I know that once I'm in Santa Barbara full-time, it's not going to be all sunshine all the time. (Just most of the time!) But I do think we'll keep up with biking to the farmers' market, and with taking Doc to the beach nearly every weekend. I will definitely get used to this!
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[personal profile] lsugaralmond started a lovely meme of listing ten things that have made you happy recently. So, my ten things:

1. I made tasty, fresh salsa with my dinner tonight.

2. Hockey season has started! And we have awesome seats again this year. Yay!

3. I got a puck at the game tonight. Hooray! Granted, it's because it flew into the stands and hit my arm, but I now have an official Michigan puck!

4. I bought a pair of shoes today with a minimum of angst.

5. The eeee! and I are trying to avoid unneccessary chemicals, and use more environmentally-friendly cleansers. So when he had to deal with a slow-draining tub, instead of buying Drano, he bought a snake (which at $7.50 is cheaper than the Drano) and got rid of the clog that way. It works better than Drano, and no nasty chemicals. This makes me happy on several levels.

6. I'm reading Heat, by Bill Buford, and it's a lot of fun. I love nearly anything that gives me a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes, and adding Italian food into the mix is even better.

7. A bunch of us went out on Friday night to celebrate a grad student's recent wedding, and it was a really great time.

8. Seriously, the eeee! is awesome. I start talking about eliminating high-fructose corn syrup from our diet, and the next thing I know he's snaking drains.

9. I have recently decided that I quite like my nose. It's kind of big for my face, and is kind of bulbous at the tip (this picture best shows how darn big it gets at the tip. Or maybe this one is better. anyway), but it's unique, and if I think that my brother's nose suits him well, then why can't mine suit me?

I'm sorry. That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about my nose.

10. On Thursday, I leave for a trip to Santa Barbara. Okay, so that's in the future and maybe doesn't count, but hooray!

I tag everyone, because I like reading happy things. Yay!
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The most startling thing about the first year of marriage was that I found myself watching American Idol. Before this year, I had never watched it, and generally ignored it when the eeee! was watching. But this winter I took a yoga class on Tuesdays, and I would get home from it around quarter to nine, with dinner almost ready and the eeee! lounging on the couch with a drink and yelling at American Idol on the television. And it was absolutely the best thing to come home to, AI and all, so I started watching it, too.

Happy Anniversary to Eli, my favorite person on this earth -- I'm looking forward to our next year around the sun together.


Jul. 8th, 2007 06:47 pm
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I've had a really good weekend, even though I'm sweating just from sitting in my apartment.

1. My team won the family golf outing! Every year (we're on the 10th annual year!), all the descendents (and their partners) of my great-grandparents (my mother's father's parents) get together for a golf scramble. We have about 10 or 11 foursomes each year, picked randomly so each team has an A player, a B player, etc. My team included my mother, a first cousin of mine, and the boyfriend of a second cousin. The boyfriend was the best player there, oh my god, but the rest of us played well, too. My mom and I weren't hindering the team with our drives, or anything like that. So that was exciting. Hot, but exciting. (Our score was two under, which is one of the worst winning scores ever.)

2. It was really good to see my extended family, especially my grandparents. My grandfather is recovering well from his heart attack (because he's invincible), and is home and not resting as much as he should be. My grandmother's recovery (from a broken hip and hip replacement) is physically going slowly, and she won't be home from the nursing home for at least two more weeks, but she's otherwise doing very well.

3. Since the a/c in my car is toast, we took the eeee!'s car this weekend. He did nearly all the driving, but I did a stretch on the way home on the Ohio Turnpike. I was perfectly fine until the end, when I downshifted from 5th gear to 2nd on the exit ramp. Eeeek! In my defense, that's really easy to do accidentally! I did recover quickly, which I'm taking as a sign that I'm developing some of the right instincts for driving a stick.

4. The eeee! got an iPhone as a birthday gift from his parents, and so we've been playing with that. And they are so damn lucky -- went to an Apple store on Monday, and happened to get the last one from a shipment that had arrived about 15 minutes beforehand. No long lines for them! The eeee! has since converted at least one of my cousins.

5. LJ ate this entry, and the saved draft only went through part of item 2. It's so hot that I have no idea what I said in the previous entry, because I'm pretty sure there were six items. Oh! I hate my haircut -- I like the layers, but not the big difference in length between the front and the back -- and am thinking of trimming the back myself. It can't get worse, right?

6. Jeezy Chreezy it's hot. Hope you're all staying cool.


Sep. 15th, 2006 02:50 am
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Indeed! I am oddly wide awake after the bachelorette party, and the ringing in my ears from the music at the bars is not helping. Damn.

We have almost everything we need! The eeee! still had to get glasses for us to break, and I think he got some, but I haven't actually talked to him since this afternoon.

We have kosher wine, and it's a chianti -- so we have the Jewish wine from the Catholic country!

We have the good archival-quality pen for signing the ketubah!

We have a bag for putting the glasses in! It's an ivory satin-y bag that my mom used at her wedding to put cards in. She probably never, ever guessed that her daughter would be using that for the Jewish part of a Jewish-Catholic wedding. But that's where life went, and I'm really glad she found it.

Today (the 14th) is my dad's birthday! We had cake, but didn't manage to actually give him his presents. Alas. Hopefully tomorrow.

It's been gross and cold and overcast, but should be warm and clear on Saturday!

My grammar is currently at about a third-grade level! I'm going to bed now! In 36 hours I'll be married!
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Thank you all so much for your congratulations! The eeee!* and I are still walking around with big grins on our faces, and we both keep sneaking peeks at my ring. This is really happening! Yay!

Now, of course, comes the planning, and I hope hope hope to avoid being a Bridezilla in any way, shape, or form. We want to keep things as simple as possible, but things are complicated by the 200+ people on the guest list (I have a huge family), and by the sheer logistics of trying to plan an interfaith ceremony. A Jewish-Catholic interfaith ceremony. Aieee. From what we've read, the Catholic Church is actually quite accommodating for these things, and it'll be much harder to find a rabbi. I haven't heard back from the deacon at my parents' church, though, so who knows what we'll actually have to do**.

The nice thing about a year-long engagement is that it spaces out all the wedding planning -- we just have to worry about the ceremony and finding a reception place now. Everything else can wait until January. And while I'm not particularly looking forward to dress-shopping, my cousin owns a bridal shop nearby, so I'm not allowed to complain.

In other news, my brother called me to recommend an Ohio State student newspaper to me. I hardly read the Michigan student paper, what makes him think I'm interested in the Ohio State one?

* I promise I will not start referring to him as "the fianceeee!".
** All my friends who've been married in the Catholic Church keep warning me about the test each partner takes in the Pre-Cana classes, even though it doesn't sound that bad -- it's a bunch of yes/no questions about how you plan to handle finances, raise kids, etc., and they make you discuss any issues where you had different answers. I'm worried that with my home parish being my home parish, there will be some elaborate Pre-Cana program that involves a weekend retreat.


Oct. 10th, 2005 08:19 pm
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Um, I mean, I have news.

Eli and I are engaged!


We'd talked about this way back in early September when we were in Greece, and realized that neither of us wanted to wait an undetermined amount of time until I graduate -- we wanted to get married sooner than that. Next fall! And for the past month, it got harder and harder to not tell people we were planning this.

But last Wednesday, I got home from work to discover sauce bubbling on the stove. Not an uncommon occurrence here, and we had discussed having pasta for dinner that night. On the second trip into the kitchen, though, I noticed the homemade ravioli sitting on the drying rack. We always toast to something when we have a drink, so we opened a bottle of wine, he proposed, we laughed, I cried -- you know, the usual.

Eeeee! We're so excited, and our friends and family are so excited for us, which makes it even more fun. And here's the obligatory ring picture -- I pretty much picked it out, and we had it custom-made at a jewelry store in town. (I was worried that this was terribly unromantic, but when I told my parents, my mom said, "I picked out my ring," and my dad jumped in with, "If you're going to spend that much money, you need to make sure it's something she likes." Clearly I inherited my cold, practical side from them. Hee.)

In other news, my parents are coming up this weekend for the Penn State-Michigan game. My dad, a big Penn State fan, is already excited about Penn State beating Ohio State -- and not just because my brother goes to Ohio State. If Penn State beats Michigan, which is indeed likely, my dad will be insufferable.
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I had a crummy day today. No reason, but it was one of those days where I just couldn't even get out of the house until nearly noon. It happens, but only about once every three months or so, so whatever. I ran a few errands after work, and at Target I decided I should treat myself to something small -- a good red nail polish for the toes, or some super-fine-point blue pens, or some Lorna Doones, or something. I couldn't find anything. There wasn't anything in the whole goddamn store I wanted. Okay, fine. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I'd been trying to find a good Futurama wallpaper with Calculon on it, for my shiny new work computer. I wanted to name the computer calculon, but my advisor had naming rights, so I had to settle for Calculon on the background. Okay, fine, but I couldn't find any wallpapers with Calculon. Whatever.

The eeee! knew I hadn't found a wallpaper, so he took a frame capture from a Futurama DVD and touched it up, and it happened to be exactly the scene I wanted. It totally made my day.

(And damn, that's a scary mood icon.)
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On my Hawaii trip (pictures soon, I promise), when I wasn't swimming or talking about cosmology, I had a chance to get some reading done. I flew through The Blind Assassin, by Margaret Atwood (thanks, [profile] aakepley!), and knocked off a significant chunk of Sense and Sensibility. Screw Emma: I much prefer the Dashwoods. And I'd never read any Atwood before, but I loved The Blind Assassin, and I feel like I've been digesting it since I finished it. Stories within stories and roundabout narratives are both techniques that I love, but I also think something finally clicked for me when I was reading it, and I've been looking for that feeling for a while now.

Also during my stay in Hawaii I went to see the lava flowing from Kilauea. We were staying near Kona on the big island, so this required a 3.5-hour drive each way (over the saddle road!), plus some significant hiking (climbing over rocks in the dark) to get to the surface flows. We started hiking at 11 p.m., and as there are no direct trails to the surface flows, we were on our own with our flashlights. First we followed the coastline for a few miles to where the lava was flowing into the ocean -- there was plenty of orange steam, and from the right angles you could see the lava flowing out of the lava tubes into the ocean. Eventually we cut inland, hoping to get close to the hotspots we could see in the distance. There were some very large ones that never seemed to get any closer, but we finally noticed a hotspot flaring behind us.

I think I was too awestruck to take pictures, but a friend did -- he and another friend also got close enough to this hotspot to poke sticks in the flowing lava ("Lava on a stick! Lava on a stick!"). I was content enough to stay a whopping 75 feet away and watch the ongoing creation of earth, and feel the warm rocks beneath me. By now the moon had risen behind us in the east, so while the lava still stood out (which it doesn't really do in daytime), we could see each other and the ocean behind us. It was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen -- nothing to see but rock, but it was beautiful.

I think that may have been the coolest thing I've ever done in my life. And I'm finally starting to think that I really can do anything I set out to, whether it's hiking to see an active volcano or reading modern fiction.

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