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Things here continue to be hectic. It doesn't help that I'm at 37 weeks, and have no energy anymore, so I have a very lax definition of "hectic". The eeee! only wishes I was nesting, but so far, nothing.

  1. MICHIGAN FOOTBALL! Oh my god. I was cautiously optimistic after they blew out Western Michigan last weekend, and I also thought that Notre Dame was totally overrated this season. But that was such an exciting game, and Michigan actually has a freaking quarterback this season! Hooray! Now we just need a functional pass defense.

  2. Between the Steelers and Michigan, it's been a good football weekend for me. And a really mean part of me is smirking at how bad a football weekend it's been for the state of Ohio. (The end of that Denver-Cinci game was really the nail in the coffin, damn.)

  3. We watched the latest Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder last night, and eh. We were underwhelmed. The Futurama movies remind me of the last season of Arrested Development -- there are some good bits here and there, but overall they're both rambling messes without a good, coherent storyline. I think the problem is that both shows were wrapped up very well (particularly Futurama, but also the end of season 2 of AD), and the writers underestimated how hard it would be to start up again. (Also see: Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams.)

  4. We made our first real trip to Costco for things, and it was only mildly terrifying. I must say, though, we would have joined years ago if we knew they had beer! Good beer! Beer we drink on a regular basis (Newcastle and Firestone), for much cheaper than even the sale prices at the grocery store!

    pregnancy rambling )

    Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Even if you're a fan of Ohio football teams (sorry about that).
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Things here have been pretty good! I will enumerate, because transitional sentences are too complicated for me today.

  1. Friends threw me a small graduation party/baby shower this weekend at the beach! It's been overcast, but the sun did come out for a few hours, and it was lovely. Lots of tasty food -- the eeee! wowed everyone with his spicy grilled corn -- and lots of fun. One person got us this navy blue hoodie that has a SHARK embroidered across the front of it, which is totally awesome.

  2. The eeee! and I are incompetent when it comes to grilled chicken -- we burn it, or undercook it, or both. Blah! But we tried the Italian Grilled Chicken in a recent article of Cook's Illustrated, and it was amazing. We might blog about it at some point, but highlights include butterflying the chicken, pressing it on the grill with a hot cast-iron pot (or bricks), and eight cloves of garlic. It came out perfectly, and as we were eating it, we were exclaiming, "We could actually make this for a guest!"

  3. I will actually need to buy maternity clothes soon, because while my low-rise jeans still fit (especially the sexiest ones, which is kind of hilarious), my skirts are getting tighter and tighter. This means I have to buy stuff before I leave for Europe, ack. But! I have a gift card for the Gap (graduation present from my brother), and a 25% off coupon. So I am about to go crazy online.

  4. When I go to Italy in July, I get into the Venice airport at 9 a.m., but my shuttle to the middle of nowhere isn't until 6 p.m. or so. I started doing some research on the Venice airport (awesomely named Marco Polo), and I think I might actually be able to get into Venice for the day. Yay! If any of you have been to Venice, I would deeply appreciate any and all advice about transport to and from the airport, and about Venice itself.

  5. We finally watched the pilot of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency last night, and loved it. We have the whole season recorded, and so far I cannot recommend it enough. It's shot in Botswana, and is so beautiful and funny and interesting. Now I need to read the books -- which will require going to the library, which will require paying my library fine, egad.

Okay, I guess that wasn't all strictly about my weekend. Anyway. Happy Monday! The sun is shining, our new chairs are coming today, and life is good.
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Lately I've only had the patience to re-read books that are in either diary or epistolatory format. This might be partly because I haven't paid my big library fine yet. But apparently I can watch plenty of TV.

  1. I am so into LOST this season. I'm not sure I entirely know what the hell is going on, but I love the time traveling.

  2. I'm getting tired of Chuck. Partly because I think Jeff and Lester are more likable than Chuck and Morgan, and partly because the preview for next week gleefully promised lots of "TORTURE!" If I wanted to watch "TORTURE!", I'd watch 24. But I don't, and I don't.

  3. I must confess to watching The Real Housewives of New York City. In my defense, last year when Doc was very ill and the eeee! was out of town, a marathon of it ended up being a good distraction. So I have a bit of a soft spot for the show, even though I don't particularly like anyone on it.

  4. I think the field pieces on The Daily Show are pretty uneven -- maybe even more than they were ten years ago when no one knew who they were. But the latest one, with Jason Jones and the Antichrist and Hitler, was awesome.
    Jason Jones: Do you think before you speak?
    Pastor: I think very carefully and long about what I'm gong to say. I even thought long about whether I was going to do this interview with you.
    JJ: I don't think you thought long enough.

  5. Top Chef Spoilers )

  6. Edited to note that I'm unsure about the possible return of Futurama. I adore Futurama, but I think the series ended on a high note, and I'd hate for it to come back only to die out slowly. I've been underwhelmed by the two movies since then, mostly because the writers can't seem to put together a 90-minute plot. Maybe they still have some good 22-minute stories in them?

On a non-TV note, I really enjoyed this essay by Zadie Smith on language and Obama and Shakespeare. Obama's family could have stepped right out of a Zadie Smith novel, so I really loved her perspective on him.
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Last year I saw many more movies than I usually do, and I thought I'd see how they fare on the Bechdel Test. Of the 26 movies I saw, 8 definitely passed it, 13 absolutely failed it, and I'm unsure about the remaining five, which is not a good sign.

My TV-watching is a little better: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are both male-heavy in terms of correspondents and guests, but Chuck is the only other show I watch on a regular basis that fails it. (Oh, wait, Flight of the Concords. Okay, so I'm looking at about a 60% pass rate here.*) The Office only squeaks by, but a pass is a pass.

This may sound petty, but it's not a lot to ask of a movie or TV show. If we flip it around -- two male characters talking to each other, and not about a woman -- then only four of those movies fail it, plus two more I'm unsure about. 38% passing vs. 83% passing (ignoring the unsures). Of the TV shows I watch, 100% passing the inverse test. That's pretty sad. I really thought it would be higher than that.

* Other shows I watch that pass: Big Love, The Office, 30 Rock, Top Chef, Mad Men, Project Runway, and Lost (no spoilers! I haven't seen the season premiere yet).
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I suppose a side benefit to all the traveling I've done recently is that I've gotten a bit of reading done on the planes. Although that doesn't explain how I've found time to watch television.

  1. I just finished Gentlemen of the Road, by Michael Chabon, and it was okay. The eeee! had told me it was a quick read, but I don't think it ever held my attention for more than 40 minutes at a time. I wasn't a huge fan of Wonder Boys, either -- I guess Chabon doesn't do it for me.

  2. Who does do it for me is Zadie Smith. I really enjoyed White Teeth, and the way the families in it kept colliding with each other.

  3. And speaking of Zadie Smith, On Beauty is still the best thing I've read this year, by a mile. I can't say anything coherent about it, really, so I will have to be content with describing it as breathtaking. I know, I'm like five years behind the times.

  4. I read a large chunk of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs, but have no desire to pick it up again. I enjoyed it, but I am apparently not up for non-fiction this year.

  5. Unless it is a cooking memoir, because I've been inhaling those. And reading My Life in France, by Julia Child, also has the side effect of making me want to go to France again!

  6. I just picked up Foundation, by Asimov, and so far I am hooked on that. Whee!

  7. The eeee! and I got sucked into watching When Harry Met Sally last night. Other than Meg Ryan's hair, I think that movie has held up well. I hadn't watched it in years, and I'd forgotten how great some of the dialogue is.

    Also, it was on Oxygen, and because we have satellite we get the East Coast feeds for all the cable channels. So at 11:30 p.m. we see all the ads that are aired at 2:30 a.m., which meant that at one point we saw an ad for a personal "fingertip massager" followed by an ad for Wonder Pets: Save the Bengal Tiger. Awesome.

  8. My current justification for watching The Hills is that I will watch anything with good production values. Hello, Mad Men! Okay, that one needs no justification. And none of that explains why I still watch the insanely low-budget America's Next Top Model.

  9. And thank god for The Daily Show, because without them I would not have survived the conventions.

Ooof, reading back over that list, it sounds like a lot. But I swear, it's spread out over the last six weeks or so.
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I'm in Ann Arbor for work right now, and some random bits:
  1. There were two attempted abductions last night in Ann Arbor! Both of jogging women! Note to self: jog in daylight and bring cell phone.

  2. Obama was in town last night! And . . . that's all I got on that.

  3. I love summer evenings in Ann Arbor. They're so warm and mellow.

  4. There was a power outage at campus on Friday night. The Friday night of a three-day weekend. You can imagine how some of the computers reacted to this. Luckily, everything I needed was back up by this afternoon.

In non-Ann Arbor news: my parents are doing well, and I am addicted to Mad Men. Woo!
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I am such a sucker for the Olympics!

  1. I've scoured the NBC Olympics site, but cannot find a place to complain about the West Coast tape delay. Any of you have any leads? I mean, what, am I supposed to avoid Facebook and Twitter and the entire internet so I can be spoiler-free? Just air it live! We manage to survive when it comes to football, so why not air the Olympics live? Plus, I'm out of practice in staying up to 12:30 a.m. to watch sports.

  2. Is NBC actually showing us more sports and fewer stupid profiles this year? Or do I not notice because I have a DVR and fast-forward through all the crap?

  3. I like gymnastics, but I swear the commentators are going to give me a stroke. So far, the most annoying comment (which I can't quote directly, as I can't find a video of it online) was from the women's team prelims, where the commentator was talking about how the Romanian team used to be singularly focused on their routines during the podium exercises. Now, apparently, they also chat over the chalk, and the commentator found this "sad". Yeah, I'm sorry that they're not little gymnastic robots anymore.

  4. Although watching the American men try to figure out if it was mathematically possible for the Germans to beat them, at the very end, was hilarious.

  5. Whose idea was it to invent synchronized diving?

  6. I totally judge athletes by their behavior at Michigan hockey games. So I love Jake Long, who came to quite a few games, stayed for the whole game, and I think even did the Bullwinkle dance. Michael Phelps came to a couple games, but sat there and texted the whole time (like a hockey girlfriend). Boo!

Back to work, so I can watch more Olympics tonight! Whee!
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Last night at dinner, a friend revealed that he'd been creeped out by an episode of Little House on the Prairie when he was little, and had never been able to watch the show again. However, somehow he had no idea that there was a series of books! He'd never heard of them! This is the guy who's been lending me all the Sandman volumes, so he's not culturally illiterate. Maybe he doesn't have any sisters.

Another friend and I were discussing all the different incarnations of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys (and the Bobbsey Twins!). I claimed that the original, old school Nancy Drew were the best Nancy Drew, because the Casefiles were really poorly written mysteries. (Also, they maybe threw too much romance into it? At this point I don't remember why I got so annoyed.) However, the Casefiles version of the Hardy Boys* were the best Hardy Boys, because in the original series they were insufferable do-gooders. Anyone see what I'm saying? Or is this just a function of when I read the various series? (I read the original ND in 4th or 5th grade, but not the original HB until a bit later.)

I also claimed that I have this history of trying to watch a show, and sitting down to what is later considered to be one of the worst episodes ever. The one episode of Star Trek (TNG) that I saw was one where they couldn't control the temperature in the spaceship -- it would get really hot, and then really cold, and then back to hot again. It was really stupid! The first X-Files episode I saw was a really stupid and boring monster of the week, although I did try that show again. The first Doctor Who I saw was the one in London in 2012, with the crayon monster who's taking people, or something like that. And the first Veronica Mars I saw was the one with the school election, and maybe that's not considered one of the worst episodes of the first season, but I decided I could not handle the high school setting.

(I tried watching the Shakespeare episode of Dr. Who, because I heard really good things about it, but couldn't get into it, either. Doctor Who and Veronica Mars are two shows that on paper, seem like they'd be right up my alley. I have no idea why I don't really like them in practice.)

* We were reminiscing about how unexpectedly intense they were. "The girlfriend was killed in a bomb! And the terrorist fell to his death!" "Right! Because the hand was bloody and he slipped out of his grasp!" The eeee! was totally baffled by this, because he's just old enough for those to be after his time.
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I've been really busy lately, and there is nothing more satisfying than going to my politics folder in Google Reader and hitting "Mark all as read." Whee! I have time to read three different blogs analyzing the latest episode of Project Runway, but doing anything more than skimming the NY Times homepage is too much for me lately.

Also in the mix when I take breaks from work:

  1. I started reading White Teeth, by Zadie Smith, because I love love love Zadie Smith's writing. She just has this really sharp writing style and unexpected turns of phrase.

  2. But I wanted something lighter, and breezed through Jeeves and the Tie That Binds, by P.G. Wodehouse. I was glad that I found a Wodehouse book at home that I hadn't read yet, although I'm sure at some point I could re-read them without noticing.

  3. The length of a "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" podcast is exactly equal to the time it takes me in one day, round trip, to get to and from work. So it's usually how I entertain myself on Mondays going to and from work. I'm sure people on the bus wondering why I'm giggling so much.

  4. The Defiance, Ohio channel on Pandora is giving me lots of Flogging Molly! Whee!

  5. I have recorded a ton of movies on the DVR lately (The Philadelphia Story, Hairspray, The Graduate), but like every time I'm stressed out and the eeee!'s out of town, I've been having a mini Gilmore Girls marathon. I know everyone raves about the first two seasons -- deservedly so -- but the second half of season four is awesome. Besides all the Luke and Lorelai stuff, you have Lorelai opening the inn, Lorelai dealing with her parents, Richard and Emily's marital problems, Luke and his family, and Lane and her mother. Rory's plotline kind of sucks, but everything else is woven together really well.

  6. I'm not going to see The Dark Knight until Wednesday night. Oh my god, I'm not sure I can wait that long. Since I teach (85-minute lectures) on MTW, my Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights are really busy. Maybe this will be good motivation to finish off the lectures early . . .

  7. Robomaro is really cute, once you figure out how to aim the shovel. I got to level 18 or so, at which point it rapidly becomes impossible.

And so there you have my coping mechanisms. I haven't had a nervous breakdown in weeks.
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We finally watched the Futurama movie tonight (Bender Gets Bent), and it was on massive, massive amounts of crack. There were some cute references to previous episodes, and Al Gore was awesome, as always, but other than that, eh.

(And when I say "massive, massive amounts of crack", I mean, "Suddenly, last night's 30 Rock makes perfect sense." And speaking of last night's 30 Rock, at the end of the episode, the eeee! turned to me and asked if "Midnight Train to Georgia" was a real song. I was speechless. This is an issue that couples should address before getting married, I think -- where do you want to live, do you want kids, have you heard of Gladys Knight.)

Other than Eli's complete and utter disinterest in all things Motown, things here are going quite well. I have found Indian food in Isla Vista that is . . . well, it's barely passable, but it's cheap. I bought some clothes, so that I don't have to start repeating shirts on the fourth day of class. We went out for drinks with a bunch of ecology people we know in town (and there was a roughly even gender ratio, oh my god), and we have all sorts of other fun things planned for the weekend. Best of all, tomorrow's Michigan hockey game will be on actual, live TV. Hooray! Go Blue!
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Things are quiet but good here, I suppose.

  1. I'm not thinking about how much work I have to do. Aieeee!

  2. Current lecturers at UCSB have been very helpful and friendly in getting me set up for teaching in '08. That is such a huge relief.

  3. The eeee! and I are very worried about facing primary season without The Daily Show, in the case of a writers' strike.

  4. On a related note, we've both been watching way more TV in the time we've been living apart. Only two more months, though! And he'll be here in a week and a half for a bit. But I wonder about the re-adjustment we'll have when we're living together again full time, instead of a long weekend here and there.

  5. I read somewhere that the first 10,000 pictures you take suck, and only after that do see a really big improvement (in other words: practice practice practice practice practice!). I've taken about 6,500 pictures in my life, I think, so I have a ways to go. But that 10K number sounds about right.

  6. The Steelers are actually on TV tonight! Yay!

  7. The weather here is lovely, and the trees are all so beautiful -- I won't miss winter in Santa Barbara, but I sure as hell will miss the month of October.

  8. Edited to note: There is no mention on the Steelers website of the mascot, "Steely McBeam". I hope this means someone informed that front office that they had chosen a joke name for the mascot, and that the mascot will die a quiet death.

Have a wonderful week!
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I've had quite a lovely day!

  1. I made yet a bit more progress on my paper today. Oh boy, I hate writing. And at one point I shouted out "I don't know what it means!", which startled my officemate. But progress is progress.

  2. I talked to a good college friend tonight, and I'm excited that I'll be seeing her soon at a wedding! (Er. I'm excited about the wedding, too. Hi, [profile] trygve and [profile] evil_fizz!)

  3. Ugly Betty was great tonight. And The Office had an offhand mention of "the flea market at the drive in", and when the eeee! and I went to Scranton to visit family last year, we stayed at a hotel across the street from it! I get way too happy about getting the Scranton references. The eeee!, oddly, is not quite as thrilled that he has had the chance to see these places up close and personal.

  4. I made something new for dinner tonight, and didn't totally screw it up. Yay!

  5. The Rage Diaries is reminiscing about the plates all our parents had in the 70's.

  6. I am about to have some cake and go to bed. Cake!
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Jon Stewart's response to Gibson's mockery was so perfect, so classy, and I'm not ashamed to admit how much I admire and look up to Jon. It's bizarre sometimes, though, to recall his career trajectory, and wonder just how he got to where he is now.

This reminds me that if I had a time machine, my trips would include:

  • The early 1990's, when Jon Stewart was hosting silly shows on MTV, so I could tell him about the sort of respect and influence he'd have just ten years later. Mainly to see the look on his face. And then, perhaps we'd get the delicious irony of him trying to avoid the future foretold by taking the job at the Daily Show!
  • I'd swing by the Onion headquarters, partly to prove my thesis that the Onion writers are themselves time-travelers from the future.
  • I'd see Nirvana live at the Blind Pig in the late 1980's.
  • Not to entirely use the time machine to see concerts, but I'd love to see Billie Holiday live. Or Louis Armstrong or Bessie Smith or Ella Fitzgerald.
  • I'd go and see Doc as a puppy, as I'm sure he was the most adorable puppy ever. Although I'm not sure I'd want to know how the previous owner treated him. (The eeee! got him from the pound, where his age was estimated between one and two. And he didn't bark at all for six months. That's . . . pretty off.)
  • I'd go to the late 1930's to hang out with the young adult version of my grandmother, and also to check out the exact shade of her hair.
  • I'd stop by 1992 to assure my junior-high self that life really does get a lot better, and that she'd get everything in life she ever dreamed of, and more. But I think she already knew that, because how else would she have gone for all of that?

What would you all do with a time machine, on the condition that you can't try to change the world? I'm not sure why I can only think of super-personal things today, but oh well. And my goodness, I clearly need to reread To Say Nothing of the Dog.
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My dad loves Joe Biden. I mean, loooooooooooves him for reasons I've never been entirely clear on. Certainly in 2004, my dad was grousing because Biden wasn't running for president.

So I see that Biden has thrown his hat into the ring, and my first thought was, "Okay, well, Dad will be happy about that." Then I thought, "Why does he like Biden so much? What, is he from Scranton or something?"

Sure enough, Biden is originally from Scranton. Ha! My officemate didn't quite appreciate why I was laughing so hard, so I had to email the eeee! and call my brother, who both appreciated the bit of trivia.

And I must confess that I can't fast-forward through the opening credits of The Office, and I'm not even from Scranton. I sometimes get excited about the little details, like the University of Scranton banner on someone's desk (my dad's alma mater!), or Dwight having tons of fireworks in his car (the amount of fireworks that people -- including my relatives -- set off for 4th of July in Scranton is really insane).

I don't even like Scranton, and I have this bizarre attachment to it, so maybe it's not so weird that my dad is still a civic booster, nearly 35 years after moving away.
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A belated Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and a very belated Happy Hannukah to all of you! I hope those of you who have been under the weather are doing better!

I have had quite a nice break. We mostly just relaxed at my parents', as I was recovering from the plague, but I got to see some close friends, so that was good. I also found my copy of Anne of Green Gables in the basement. My mother had tried to sell it at a garage sale! I don't know if I'm more horrified that she tried to sell it, or that no one picked it up for the low price of fifty cents.

And then my brother got me hooked on The Office. One episode turned into a six-hour marathon on Christmas day. Excellent.

I didn't get any work done, but I also didn't get any rejection letters, so I think that's even. I'm back in town and at work right now (where my office is surprisingly warm!), and enjoying the fast fast fast net connection. My parents have the slowest cable connection I've ever seen.
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Writing a research statement is much harder than I expected, so here's a bit of a break from it.

  1. Today we caulked around the front door (which is quite drafty in the winter) and one of the front windows. I really hope it helps. And it really felt like something an old, boring, married couple does on the weekends, which amused me.

  2. I don't mean to imply that my life is old or boring. In fact, it is immeasurably lovely right now.

  3. Even though I'm applying for jobs, and having (of course!) strange code problems at work. Aaargh.

  4. And even though we've been married for fifteen days and have already lost the marriage certificate. Ack!

  5. The eeee! is the only person I know who sees a strange charge on his credit card statement, calls the credit card, hears, "The charge is from Australia," and says, "Oh! Then that's legitimate." Hee.

  6. I will have pictures from Hawai'i online soon! Once I'm done writing up the past research part of my research statement.

  7. Oh! I read Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L. Sayers, on the beach, and absolutely loved it. LOVED IT. Lord Peter Whimsy I wasn't much of a fan of, actually, but I loved Harriet Vane. So what are the other Sayers books I should pick up? And what about other books that are set at women's colleges before WWII? Between Gaudy Night and Daddy-Long-Legs, that's a setting I really adore.

  8. I'm going to Yom Kippur services with the eeee! tonight (and in return, he will be coming to Midnight Mass with me). I'm looking forward to it, because while I've been to seders and (my own) half-Jewish wedding, I've never been to any other Jewish services.

  9. I finally watched the Gilmore Girls premier, and . . . argh. Which is fine, because I don't have time to watch much TV anyways.

Now back to discussing the importance of the scatter! And selection biases in observational surveys! Sigh.
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[Warning: mild spoilers for tonight's Gilmore Girls]

There is really nothing that makes my Tuesday nights like seeing, "Special Guest Star Sebastian Bach" at the bottom of the TV screen.

Until tonight, when Brian and Gil were playing at a bat mitzvah. Covering Gwen Stefani songs at a bat mitzvah. I laughed so hard I cried. The casting of Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls will always be the most brilliant casting move of all time. (The runner-up is the casting of Scott Baio as the lawyer the Bluths hire to replace Henry Winkler on Arrested Development. Well, maybe that wins, and Sebastian Bach is second.)

In other news, how much do I love Apolo Anton Ohno? I'm actually going to watch The Tonight Show on Thursday night. I HATE JAY LENO. He's not funny, and his comic timing is abysmal. But I'm going to watch on Thursday (okay, I'll record it and skip all the annoying Jay stuff), and I would watch it on yet another night if Joey Cheek showed up on the schedule.
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My brother was in England for a month, and so bought my birthday present there. It arrived yesterday -- he got me Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hooray! I love the Adrian Mole books, and this one won't be out in the U.S. until December. I am way too excited about this.

* * *

An email from the eeee! today, with the subject heading "ACK", said:
I'm on a fucking mountain in the middle of nowhere Turkey.

And there are a couple of Turks watching Gilmore Girls on TV. (With turkish subtitles).

[it looks like a few seasons ago, by the way]

Hee! Heeeeee hee hee. He can't escape! So I asked him what was going on, and he said,
From what I saw, Lorelai and Rory were yammering about something and then in a scene later when I walked by Luke was scruffy and wearing a backwards baseball cap and a flannel shirt.

Well, that narrows it down.
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It's 1973. My mom graduates from college and gets a nice job. When she buys her first new car, she buys a Mustang, because when you're 22 and the only woman in your office in 1973, you kick a fair amount of ass and you deserve that Mustang.

Two months later, a semi runs her off the road and the Mustang is wrecked. Not totalled, but never the same since.

Now it's 2005, she's married to the guy in the dorky golf pants from that office. So she buys one of those new Mustangs that looks like the old ones, in a cool steely blue color, because she's worked hard for years and the kids are out of the house and college tuition payments are almost over.

Two weeks later, someone hits her parked car in a parking lot. GAH! It pretty much just scraped it, but there's a dent and it took some of the paint off. It can be fixed, but STILL. Egad.

* * *

I've also been watching a bunch of first-season episodes of Gilmore Girls, most of which I hadn't seen. I know that Gilmore Girls has often been criticized for an unhealthy relationship between Rory and Lorelai, but it never really bothered me. Now, however, I see that it must have been toned down by season two, because there is a lot of role reversal in the beginning of season one. Rory waiting up for her mom to get home from a date in "Paris is Burning"? Lorelai picking a fight with Rory in "Kill Me Now"? Yikes.

The season one Lorelai-Emily relationship still lurches from icy to tentative to warm and then back to icy again -- and of course, nothing changes in the later seasons. Perhaps it's realistic, but as it's my favorite relationship on the show, I always just want to shake the two of them for being so damn stubborn all the time. And after the way season 5 ended, I don't have any high hopes for them being friendly again any time soon.

* * *

I also finished reading Confessions of a Teen Sleuth, by Chelsea Cain, which was cute. I was a huge Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fan, so I enjoyed the gentle skewering of Nancy as someone who just always misses the big picture. This was great:
I put on my most dazzling smile. "Hello," I declared brightly, "I'm looking for Ned Junior. Please tell him that I have come to call on him."

The youth blinked several times. "Mom?" he asked.

I examined the youth for clues. His hair was titian. "Ned Junior?" I asked. "Is that you?"

Hee. There were also complicated subplots involving the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, which amused me as the Hardy Boys Casefiles has them working for a secret CIA-like agency. At, you know, ages 17 and 18.
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I had a crummy day today. No reason, but it was one of those days where I just couldn't even get out of the house until nearly noon. It happens, but only about once every three months or so, so whatever. I ran a few errands after work, and at Target I decided I should treat myself to something small -- a good red nail polish for the toes, or some super-fine-point blue pens, or some Lorna Doones, or something. I couldn't find anything. There wasn't anything in the whole goddamn store I wanted. Okay, fine. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I'd been trying to find a good Futurama wallpaper with Calculon on it, for my shiny new work computer. I wanted to name the computer calculon, but my advisor had naming rights, so I had to settle for Calculon on the background. Okay, fine, but I couldn't find any wallpapers with Calculon. Whatever.

The eeee! knew I hadn't found a wallpaper, so he took a frame capture from a Futurama DVD and touched it up, and it happened to be exactly the scene I wanted. It totally made my day.

(And damn, that's a scary mood icon.)

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