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Things here are going well!
  1. As many of you have heard on other social media platforms, I'm pregnant! 12 weeks along (due in early November). The queasiness has been manageable (hooray for ginger ale and crackers); the fatigue has not.
  2. Three of my cousins are pregnant right now, too, with due dates in June, August, and September. The family reunion in 2013 is going to be so much fun.
  3. We are going to find out the sex, if only to make it easier to explain to S. But neither E nor I has a preference, and I was kind of delighted that E said it was "trivial". The values we want to instill in our kids are independent of gender. (Also, we are both of the opinion that birth order factors into personality more than gender does.)
  4. I started reading the Norse mythology in Bulfinch's, as preparation for our trip to Norway. My brother had warned me that it was depressing. I'm not sure I'd call it depressing, just . . . does Thor do anything other than go around and bash giants on the head with his hammer? Eh, I'll read some more on the next rainy night.
  5. On a political note, I am delighted that a ballot initiative to overturn the death penalty in California has made it onto the November 2012 ballot. (As California enacted the death penalty by ballot initiative, it can only be overturned by ballot initiative.) But I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed if it fails. Sigh.
  6. And back on a happier note, S remains hilarious and delightful. His current obsession is "yardwork", which he defines as hitting plants with a stick. And when he pretends that we're all in a car, he insists that we all put our seatbelts on. Aw!

Hope you're all having a great week!
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OMFG, Obama won!

After Iraq and Guantanamo and Gonzalez, I am proud of my country again.

The headline on the NY Times online just says OBAMA in big letters. Awesome.

We had tons of people over -- hooray for a big party! And three little kids for whom Obama will be the first president that they remember.

For the first time in my life, I voted for the winning candidate.


(Although, GODDAMMIT, it looks like Prop 8 is going to pass in California.)
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What non-election things do I have to say?

  1. This article on port-a-potties for the NY Marathon reminds me of how we used to rent a port-a-potty for football parking. It would be in the yard for the whole season -- classy! -- and the company emptied it after every game. Okay, great. But on more than one occasion, we noticed people wandering through our yard late at night, leaving other parties and using our port-a-potty. Hee! Better than peeing on our house, I guess.

  2. I have a great deal of affection for Cryptonomicon, but now is not the time to start reading Anathem -- I'm waiting for it to come out in paperback. So I picked up The Diamond Age for my Neal Stephenson fix, and I'm really not getting into it. I'm not sure why, but I think I'm not sold by the world-building. Have any of you read Anathem yet? Where is it on the Stephenson spectrum?

  3. I have no costume ideas this year! Except maybe Katie Couric. I have seven hours to come up with something from the stuff in my closet. I might go as Carmen Sandiego again, if I can't think of anything else.

  4. This is sort of election-related: I am really concerned about how long the lines will be on Tuesday. Namely, the eeee! and I are going to vote together around 1 p.m. (long story), and I'm worried that we won't be back home by 4 p.m., when people will start coming over to watch results with us.

    I kind of love that I only worry about how long lines will affect my party plans.

And that's all I got that's not about the election. And even so, I only get a C on my attempt to not talk about the election! Aaaaah four more days! :D


Aug. 24th, 2008 11:30 am
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Things here are going well again!

  1. We watched the latest Futurama movie last night -- The Beast with a Billion Backs -- and it was pretty funny. Definitely better than the first one, mostly because they'd managed to write a 90-minute plot, rather than two 45-minute plots shoe-horned together. Also, it had the line, "Less invasions, more equations!" Awesome.

  2. I am feeling pretty upbeat about Biden as VP! At the very least, the VP debates should be entertaining. But the eeee! had signed up for the text message alert (and boy, was that an epic fail -- glad I wasn't on the east coast), and on Thursday night, while we were sleeping, he got a text message about a gamma ray burst. The noise of his phone receiving a text message made it into my dream, and so when I woke up Friday morning, I was convinced that the VP announcement had been made, and that it was Chris Dodd. I was even trying to have a conversation about it with the eeee! -- "That should be an interesting statement on civil liberties!" -- and he had no earthly idea what I was talking about.

    Mostly, I want to know why my subconscious picked Chris Dodd. How random!

  3. My dad is a Scranton native, and apparently spent all day yesterday watching the Biden coverage. Awesome. Hometown boy makes good!

  4. A bunch of my cousins left birthday greetings for me on Facebook, and when I was listing them off to my mom, she thought it was really nice and sweet that they had all remembered my birthday. I had to explain to her that any time you go to Facebook, it tells you whose birthday it was. But that did not deter her.

  5. My parents are not particularly fazed by me turning 29 ("Next year I'll be 30!") because my dad turns 60 in three weeks. Eeep!

So! I'm painting my toenails and LJing and blogging and we're going out to lunch and there's a cookout tonight and Newcastle was $12.99 for a 12-pack and work is going well. Not bad for a birthday.
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I've been really busy here, especially because I took some time off when my brother was here, so now I'm working like crazy to catch up.

On the under side, I'm not overly impressed with either Edwards's endorsement of Obama or NARAL's. Sure, come out and endorse the guy right when he almost has the nomination locked up! How very bold of you. But the eeee! pointed out that they may have been asked to announce their endorsements today, to get the WV primary off the news cycle. Hmmmm.

On the over side, I'm jogging again (yes, again), but this time I'm doing it right! I'm following the Couch to 5K plan, and although it's early, it already feels more effective than the random jogging I did before. So yay for that! Except for the part about squeezing in time between teaching and thesis-writing and aaaaaaah.

On both sides, I'm reading Guns, Germs, and Steel, which is good. But long. And slightly dry and repetitive. It's good, though, and it's filling in a gap in my anthro/history background. (But it makes me want to play Civ! Okay, must step away from the computer now.)

I should do more work tonight, but I'm tired, and I just want to have a beer and watch Top Chef and read The Hobbitt (which I'm also reading now, for the first time) and go to bed.
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Does anyone have a feel for why Obama did much better in Indiana than in Ohio, even before the Chicago suburbs reported? None of the articles are really mentioning it, even though Indiana and Ohio feel like very similar states to me. Similar minority populations, similar unemployment rates (Indiana: 4.6%, and Ohio: 5.3% -- okay, maybe that's a big difference). Even higher education levels are similar: 19% in Indiana and 21% in Ohio. Indiana has always struck me as being even more conservative than Ohio, but maybe I'm wrong on that count.

Obama had more momentum going into Ohio (after winning Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, etc.), and it was before the story about Rev. Wright broke. So what am I missing? What key demographic did I forget? I can't find a breakdown of Indiana's population by age, but only 13.3% of Ohio's population is over age 65.

Meanwhile, I still have to order a Mother's Day gift for my mom. Eeek! I'm getting her the Jersey Boys soundtrack, but I am otherwise stumped. (I thought of getting her the Mary Tyler Moore show on DVD, which I thought she'd like, but my dad didn't think so.)

Edited to add: If anyone has any suggestions for fiction set in Pittsburgh, or in a small mill town, that would be great! I know that's kind of vague, but when I asked her about books, she just said that there's no books she's really looking forward to, and she's just going to get them from the library this summer. (Your standard beach reading, I guess.) I'm trying to think of books she might not think of, but would enjoy. (Of course, I thought the odds were good that at least one of my parents would like Family Romance, by John Lanchester -- nuns! WWII settings! -- but neither of them did. So this might not actually be possible.)
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Today I finally swung by the old house and dropped off the giant folder of appliance manuals. It made a really satisfying THUMP against the porch. One thing down, fifteen thousand things left on the to-do list.

Tonight I'm going to my last hockey game at Yost (sniff!). And tonight is also my last grad student holiday party. This month I've been trying to cram in lunches and coffees and happy hours and whatever with my friends here before I leave. I've been here for 6 1/2 years, so it's been a long time since I've last done all the "lasts", and it's really kind of weird.

But moving on is good! And at the farmer's market today, the eeee! gave my name to the Obama booth as a volunteer. Hooray! (Not that he gave his own name, mind you -- he's still leaning towards Edwards, and he also figures that I'll drag him along anyways.) And while he was there, an older couple was getting voter registration forms -- they're Republicans, but changing their registration to Democrat to vote for Obama in the primary. Again, hooray!

Finally, when the eeee! gets in on Thursday night, the long-distance semester will be officially OVER. HOORAY!
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I've had a case of outrage fatigue that has lasted nearly two years. It was starting to subside, and I was back to writing letters and talking to people and even blogging (which requires a very specific energy for dealing with the news). But in going back and forth about the trip to Burma, and following the Mukasey hearings (and the news in general since 2004), I realized that right now, as an American, I don't have much moral ground to stand on. Awesome. Thanks, Bush. I'm glad we're using the same techniques as Stalin and the Khmer Rouge -- I feel so much safer now. [5000-word-long rant redacted. You're welcome.]

Anyway. I now feel this bizarre need to save the world and fix the U.S. as penance for going to Burma. Because, you know, I didn't have enough pressure on myself what with the thesis and the teaching and the moving to California. And that's just overwhelming, because where the fuck do I start? If I decide to volunteer with the Obama campaign, I can't do that until January. Maybe I'll write some letters for Amnesty, and not cheat on the pescetarian thing, I don't know. I always try to tell myself that I shouldn't do nothing just because I can't do everything, and usually that works, but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed by the world. Where do I start?

My officemate brought in the Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Issue, and I was reading it today. Now, the last time I picked up a copy of that magazine was in the 90's, and the last article I read in it was about the 2004 election. But I was reading the interviews, and maybe I'll blame this on the dregs of the flu, but the first two interviews I read -- the Al Gore and the Bono interviews -- almost made me cry, they were so hopeful and positive and clear. I actually went out and bought my own damn copy of the magazine, because I wanted a physical reminder that there are hopeful people out there, and that there are things I can do, small and large, to change the world. (Also, there are galaxies on the cover.)

So. That's what's been rattling around my brain this week. I'm going to a hockey game tonight, though, and maybe that will clear out some of the self-absorption in my system.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:55 pm
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Things that have frustrated me lately:

1. I broke the carafe to my 4-cup coffeemaker last week, and haven't found a replacement yet. Mr. Coffee carries the replacement online, but shipping is $10. For $20 I could buy a new 4-cup coffeemaker! I can't find a replacement in the stores (mine is apparently an older model), and it's not much cheaper on eBay. Do I pay the $20 for the new carafe? Do I get a new coffeemaker (if I can find a 4-cup coffeemaker, because apparently nowadays you can only buy a coffeemaker the size of your house)? Do I spend the $20 on a stovetop espresso maker? Or do I just drink tea for the next six months? I'm just so annoyed by this stupid disposable culture. Argh!

2. I was taking some pictures today outside, and got home to discover that they were ruined by a few strands of my hair in the picture. They're blurred across the entire frame, so I can't exactly crop or clone them out. I guess now I know to always wear my hair back when taking pictures. (Hopefully the sign I was taking the pictures of will still be there tomorrow!)

2.5 Oh man, do I need a haircut.

3. Bush commuted Libby's sentence. DAMMIT.

Life is otherwise good; these three things are just really driving me mad.


Jul. 24th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Today has been quite a productive day! In no particular order:

  1. I ordered the necklaces for the bridesmaids. Finally!

  2. Went to a campaign event/fundraiser for Rebekah Warren. That was quite fun -- I got to meet her, meet the owners of a local brewpub, and taste lots of crazy beers. I haven't been involved in local politics -- or many local affairs at all, really -- since 2004, and it was nice to go out and do something like that. I need to make that more of a priority.

  3. Our ketubah came! Okay, that was a productive thing we did last week, but still. Yay!

  4. Work was . . . okay. But at least I didn't make negative progress today.

  5. It was a beautiful day outside, and after coming home from the event it was still light enough to sit on the porch and do a crossword puzzle. I love summer.

And now I'm going to kick back and watch an episode of Scrubs or The Muppet Show. Even if I do some real work tonight, it would be great if all Mondays could be this nice.

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