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I didn't manage the four-month-update, because I was too busy. In a related note, I've been back at work for a month now.

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Yesterday, Sam turned three months old! He celebrated by having an ear infection, poor guy!

Even with an ear infection, he is the happiest little guy out there. He loves to kick kick kick, and a couple weeks ago he started interacting with toys! I think he's also deliberately reaching for the toys on the playmat, but I'm not sure. Music seems to make him really happy, but honestly, he's just a happy guy.

Breastfeeding is going well -- he's gained two pounds in the last month -- and I'm working on improving my pump output. We're having a bit of trouble getting him to take breastmilk from a bottle, but I think it's because he's sick.

Sleeping is also good -- he will actually fall asleep on his own if he's swaddled! And sleepy, of course. It doesn't work if he's playful. We had a good nap schedule for a while, but again, that has sort of fallen apart with him being sick.

And now for the milestones -- again from What to Expect the First Year, because I'm tired and don't want to look them up in the AAP guide to the first year:
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And of course, the gratuitous adorable picture of Sam!

Looking ahead


Aug. 4th, 2009 10:10 pm
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I am definitely too tired for transitional sentences, so here's what's been going on lately:

  1. I'm tired. Oh my god, am I tired. And it's not the fatigue of the first trimester, which felt a bit like the fatigue you have with the flu. I feel physically exhausted, like after an intense workout. I guess that walking to work with a bowling ball strapped to my chest could be considered an intense workout, so okay.

  2. That aside, the pregnancy is still going smoothly. People tend to only talk about their pregnancy woes and horror stories -- especially online -- and I guess I'm included in that. Anyway. I'm tired but doing very well.

  3. Of course, I think I'm all tough, but then I was reading this diary from the Oregon Trail, la la la, it sounds pretty arduous, la la la. And I get to the end, and she gave birth five days after they arrived in Oregon. OH MY GOD. I am so not tough.

  4. We've been so busy with traveling and cleaning out the garage and working that I haven't taken any pictures in a MONTH. It is driving me crazy, since I really want to do an alphabet project. Preferably before [untitled] arrives. But at this point I'm so tired that part of me is like, screw it, it can wait until he's old enough to read.

  5. Okay, on a non-pregnancy note, we saw Public Enemies last week. I'd really been looking forward to it, so maybe that's why I was so disappointed in it. I'm glad that it introduced me to the music of Otis Taylor, but other than that, eh.

Right. That's about it here. Oh god, I totally am a boring pregnant woman. Um. I finally upgraded to Leopard? I'm enjoying Howard's End? I'm . . . going to bed soon.
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We had an excellent, excellent day today! Somehow, we'd never been to the L.A. County Museum of Art (or, NAMBLA LACMA). We got there ten minutes before it opened, and so wandered over to see one of the La Brea Tar Pits tar pits! It was all bubbly and everything! The eight-year-old inside me was very excited about that.

Our main intention at the museum was the contemporary wing, but it turns out there was also an exhibit of portraits from Vanity Fair. That was an incredible collection -- my two favorites were of Greta Garbo, by Edward Steichen, and of Adele and Fred Astaire, by James Abbe. I'm really just fascinated by what's happening in that latter one.

Outside of the photography, I really loved Getty Tomb, by Frank Stella. And wandering through Richard Serra installations always makes me happy. (The eeee! was more excited about the Jeff Koons stuff, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would.)

We also saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was very good, but more violent and depressing than I expected. Then we finished it off with dinner with the eeee!'s parents and sister. Hooray for a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!
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The lovely [profile] pescana asked me some questions, so here we go!

  1. So how are you finding life in Santa Barbara?

    I like it. I don't love it, but I've barely been here two months, and for me, that's not nearly long enough to meet people and get involved with things locally. A lot of the day-to-day things are really nice -- the weather, the food at the farmer's market -- so I'm trying to take advantage of all of that. I am not particularly outdoorsy or athletic, but I want to step that up, now that I live somewhere I can enjoy the outdoors year-round. It's a small town, though -- smaller than Ann Arbor, and I had previously marked AA as the minimum size town I needed to live in.

    I don't think I could stay here long-term. It's not really an option, since we can't afford to stay here long-term, but I don't know if I'd want to even if I could. But who knows -- ask me again in six months!

  2. How do you think being a science geek influences your view of the world? (I'm specifically thinking things like feminism and the working world, but feel free to go where ever you want with this.)

    This is an awesome question, so I am copping out and giving it its own entry. I've been thinking a lot about this, particularly about how physical scientists and social scientists aren't generally capable of talking to each other.

  3. What are you reading these days? Any trends, or no?

    I seem to be on a food memoir kick. I just finished Heat, by Bill Buford, and I'm reading Julie and Julia right now. From the library I just got Ha'penny, by Jo Walton, and Children of Men, by P.D. James, and I'm really looking forward to both of them. So I suppose I'm veering into dystopia sci-fi alternate fiction genres.

  4. If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation with no issue of expense, where would you go? What would you do there?

    Oh, I want to go everywhere -- Southeast Asia (again), Spain, Turkey, Tanzania, New Zealand . . . okay, I'll limit myself to two itineraries:

    • Southeast Asia: I'd go to Bangkok and Phuket (and maybe Chiang Mai) in Thailand, then to Vietnam to visit [profile] zoje_george in HCMC, and then to the Mekong Delta. I'd see everything -- beaches, floating markets, modern SE Asian cities, the back country, you name it. And the food! Oh my god, the food. But, I've been to SE Asia, which is why I would also consider:

    • Spain: Traveling all around and hitting Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Granada (and the Alhambra), plus some of the islands. This gets me islands and beaches and a variety of awesome, old cities. I love old cities. And the food! And the wine!

  5. What's your favorite leisure activity?

    It's a tie between photography and reading. There is something seriously wrong with me -- I go for a walk, and the next thing I know I've spent half an hour taking pictures of a fence. (And then I don't get any of them quite right.) Going to the beach with the dog is gaining, though!

Happy Friday, everyone! And if you want questions, just ask for some.
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Things are quiet but good here, I suppose.

  1. I'm not thinking about how much work I have to do. Aieeee!

  2. Current lecturers at UCSB have been very helpful and friendly in getting me set up for teaching in '08. That is such a huge relief.

  3. The eeee! and I are very worried about facing primary season without The Daily Show, in the case of a writers' strike.

  4. On a related note, we've both been watching way more TV in the time we've been living apart. Only two more months, though! And he'll be here in a week and a half for a bit. But I wonder about the re-adjustment we'll have when we're living together again full time, instead of a long weekend here and there.

  5. I read somewhere that the first 10,000 pictures you take suck, and only after that do see a really big improvement (in other words: practice practice practice practice practice!). I've taken about 6,500 pictures in my life, I think, so I have a ways to go. But that 10K number sounds about right.

  6. The Steelers are actually on TV tonight! Yay!

  7. The weather here is lovely, and the trees are all so beautiful -- I won't miss winter in Santa Barbara, but I sure as hell will miss the month of October.

  8. Edited to note: There is no mention on the Steelers website of the mascot, "Steely McBeam". I hope this means someone informed that front office that they had chosen a joke name for the mascot, and that the mascot will die a quiet death.

Have a wonderful week!
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Here is the statistical summary of our weekend in New York:

  • 3.5: Number of hours in our layover in Dulles. Our Detroit-LaGuardia flight was cancelled, and at least we got a rebooking for the same day, I guess.
  • 2: "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" sightings.
  • Countless: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sightings.
  • 6: Number of hours of torrential downpour on Sunday, causing us to cancel our planned outing to the Cloisters.
  • 24: Number of hours it took my shoes to dry.
  • 3/3: Fraction of dishes at the Chinese place we went to in the Village that were awesome.
  • 9-12: Our places in the VIP line for the Daily Show. We were in the front row!
  • 1.5/5: Fraction of mezzes at the Turkish place that I liked. This was disappointing -- I love Greek food and Middle Eastern food, so I should like Turkish food, right? Wrong.

We had a great weekend, despite the travel annoyances and the weather. I finally made it to MoMA, which was awesome -- the Serra sculptures were great. Unfortunately, much of the photography section was closed, due to installation of a new exhibit, but we got to see the Barry Frydlender and JoAnn Verburg exhibits. Oh, I love photography and sculpture and modern art -- I need to make more of an effort to see modern art exhibitions.

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