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It's always strange coming back to a place after you've moved away, and this time feels doubly-strange since we're in a hotel instead of crashing at a friend's. But the hotel gives out a complimentary copy of the Sunday NY Times, and has Washtenaw Dairy donuts at breakfast, so I'm pretty happy.

The eeee! and I were up last night for hours (jetlag!) talking about children's books. We don't get jazzed about baby clothes or nursery stuff, and the whole stroller-carseat thing gives me hives. (It doesn't help that our only car is a two-door, so we're reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that we'll have to replace it.) Nerds that we are, though, we are so pumped about children's books. This started because the eeee! found a couple Ant and Bee books at his parents', which he adored but are now out of print. Children's books morphed into older kids' books, which morphed into comparing notes about when our freakish math skills became apparent.

This poor, poor child that we are bringing into the world.

Right, off to meet friends for breakfast! Happy Sunday!
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I'm in Ann Arbor for work right now, and some random bits:
  1. There were two attempted abductions last night in Ann Arbor! Both of jogging women! Note to self: jog in daylight and bring cell phone.

  2. Obama was in town last night! And . . . that's all I got on that.

  3. I love summer evenings in Ann Arbor. They're so warm and mellow.

  4. There was a power outage at campus on Friday night. The Friday night of a three-day weekend. You can imagine how some of the computers reacted to this. Luckily, everything I needed was back up by this afternoon.

In non-Ann Arbor news: my parents are doing well, and I am addicted to Mad Men. Woo!
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I arrived in Ann Arbor this morning, and I've had a good start so far! At the coffee shop, I got two punches on my punch card -- I'm not sure if it's because I was cheerful, or because the barista took pity on me after I said that I was straight off the red-eye. The weather is sunny and in the 30's F (0's C), which happens to be weather I like. I'm happy to see people! People are happy to see me!

(Also, people keep asking if I was in town to see Michigan win the CCHA championship game on Saturday night. I love that I have a reputation as some kind of crazy hockey fan. Especially because I did consider it, but figured that it would be jinxing it. As it is, I'm glad I'll be able to watch this weekend's regionals with other people who care!)

Oh, and there's the whole getting work done, but even that is going well. I had a good meeting with my adviser, and things feel much more manageable than they did a week ago.

It's good to be back in Ann Arbor. I like to think that when I feel a connection to a place, it's because of the people there, and not the place itself. But walking across town this evening, I realized that I love Ann Arbor more than any other place I've lived.

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