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And now it's time to talk about All Clear! It's been all I could think about over the weekend, and I finished it this afternoon. My thoughts on it behind the cut, while it's still fresh in my mind.

  • The first third of the book felt like a goddamned episode of Three's Company. I just wanted the three characters to TALK TO EACH OTHER, ALREADY.
  • I was crushed when Mike died. And surprised, as Willis doesn't usually kill off her time-travelers. Then I was pissed that he faked his death. I settled somewhere around sad once we learned his final fate.
  • I kind of loved Eileen/Merope. Everyone underestimated her, but she knew what the hell was going on, and what she needed to do.
  • I would have liked to see more of Colin's search for them.
  • Is Colin Eileen's . . . great-grandson? Or great-great-grandson? I thought they were implying that Eileen's daughter, Mary, was his great-aunt Mary from Doomsday Book, but I don't think the timescales work.
  • I know Colin spent years in the past when he was looking for them, but I was wondering how much time had elapsed in 2060. When do people start worrying about Dunworthy being gone? Etc.

Finally, I thought the end was a bit predictable, because it was similar to the final wrap-up in To Say Nothing of the Dog. But the journey to the end was great -- there were some long, bleak stretches where I couldn't imagine how on earth it could have any sort of happy ending.

I know several of you have read it -- what did you think?
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